About the company

UAB "Truck Service Vilnius" is a Lithuanian capital company, which was founded in 2005. This company specializes in the geometry measurement and dent removal of the frame and body of semi-trailer trucks, buses, spec. transport, cargo platforms, trailers, refrigerators, minivans and agricultural machinery by using the equipment of a Swedish company JOSAM.

High quality painting by using NovaVerta paint booths and PPG, paints and painting materials

  • Laser measurement of axle geometry.
  • Professional axle straightening.
  • Induction heating of metal.
  • Painting of commercial transport (body length up to 18 m).
  • We provide dent removal and welding of aluminum parts and fuel tanks.
  • Full car recovery after and accident.
  • Repair of car bodies by the geometry stand Car-o-liner .
  • Car paint.